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Improving communications with corporate intranet solutions.

Galileo Solutions
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Galileo Solutions
Improve your internal & external data access capabilities with standards-based Internet technologies.
It's no secret the knowledge-based economy is driven by computer technology. But, to maintain a competitive edge, you need more from technology than file and print capabilities alone. You also need a way to exchange information collaboratively, connect with existing legacy data reliably, move files around securely, and access critical business information quickly. What's more, you need all this without hassles, time delays and excessive costs. The answer? Intranet & Extranet solutions from The Galileo Group.

Galileo provides corporations of all sizes with solutions that leverage existing investments in legacy systems and LAN/WAN architectures. In its very simplest terms, Intranet/Extranet development is all about opening the doors to cross communication, linking people, data, applications and various computing envrironments to a wider audience.

With The Galileo Group, you can:

Make the most of your corporate information
Access company databases, submit electronic orders or expense sheets, view reports -- they're all at your disposal from anywhere in the world... instantly and securely.

Access legacy data in a secure environment
Use your existing data with today's advanced technology and applications.

Communicate more effectively through integrated applications
Keep in touch with colleagues, staff, suppliers and customers with a few clicks of your mouse.

Transfer files in seconds, not days
Say good-bye to expensive couriers, lost packages and production delays. Send business critical information electronically and achieve faster approvals.

Collaborate on-line
Connect on-line with colleagues and clients to work collaboratively by communicating and sharing files in real time.

Simply put, gaining access to information in a timely manner makes all the difference in today's competitive, global market. With Galileo's Intranet/Extranet development capabilities, you get the best of both worlds: the security of a closed community plus access to information and applications on a wide area basis.

For some examples of past work and clients, check out the Galileo Experience section. Or, to contact Galileo about your requirements, visit our online contact section. If you're looking for a quote on your upcoming project, make sure to visit our web site quote wizard!

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